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Social Studies

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American Revolution - Students will explore the major battles and events of the American Revolution

Anne Frank

Barak Obama - This lesson contains information (pull tabs) about the life of Barack Obama and a 13 item Senteo quiz.

Bill of Rights

Branches of Government - Students will explore the 3 branches of government and their responsibilities.

Census 2010 - Includes an 8 question Senteo quiz to be used in conjuction with a data analysis lesson.

Citizen Rights and Responsibilities - with a 10 question Senteo quiz

Elections - 2008 - Students will explore the branches of government as well as exploring issues on the 2008 election candidates.

Good Citizen - 10 question Senteo quiz

Goods and Services - with a 10 questions Senteo quiz 

Map Skills - In this lesson, students will create a map key for a map. They will then use the directions, North, South, East, and West in order to move a character from one place to another on the map.

Martin Luther King Jr.

Memorial Day - with 10 question Senteo quiz

NC State Symbols

13 Original Colonies- with 10 question Senteo quiz

Outline Maps

Presidential Inauguration - explore the events of the 2009 Presidential inauguration.

President's Day - partner material can be found here.   Full SMART activity can be purchased here.

Thirteen Colonies

United States Geography

Winter Holidays - Students will be introduced to Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, and Christmas holiday traditions.

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