Balance and Motion Assessment - 1st grade. 8 question Senteo quiz 

Composting - 3rd-5th grade

Earth Day

Float or Sink?

Food Chains

Food Web - 5th grade review activity.  Created by a student.

Food Web - Wetlands

Garbage - In this activity, students will watch 3 short videos featured on Good Morning America, and answer 8 Senteo quiz questions about the problems in our society caused by the excessive amount of garbage we generate.

Gas Emissions


Natural Resources - Grade 4 - includes short Senteo quiz

Paper Vs. Plastic - Is one better for our environment?  In this lesson, 5th grade students will take a 10 item Senteo quiz and then watch a video to help them determine if paper or plastic is the better choice.



Simple Machines



Solar System


Volcanos, Part 1 - includes 10 question Senteo quiz

Volcanos, Part 2 - includes 10 question Senteo quiz

Water Conservation

Water Cycle

Water Cycle - hot spots 

Weather and Climate - consensus-o-gram.  This activity can easily be changed for other content areas.

What's the Sequence?

Whose Habitat Is It?