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Language Arts

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Prefixes-Suffixes.notebook Language Arts Analogies - Read each analogy and choose your answer. Click on the answer to see if you are correct or not.

Answer Sandwich

Antonyms - 10 question Senteo quiz

Author's Purpose - with 11 question Senteo quiz

Author's PurposeAfter reviewing author's purpose, students will complete an 11 question SENTEO quiz

Author's Purpose - Audience

Before Reading Strategies -  Students will practice before reading strategies with a variety of texts.

Before Reading Strategies- 5th grade Blue Diamond #1 SENTEO review

Cause and Effect - with 10 question Senteo quiz

Cause and Effect- 7 question Senteo quiz

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom - Letter recognition

Clothespin Spelling

Common and Proper Nouns

Comparing and Contrasting

Context Clues - Kooshball game



EOG Jeopardy with vocabulary terms for 5th grade

EOG Review Vocabulary Terms for 5th grade- for Baseball Game

EOG Review Vocabulary Terms Part 2 for 5th grade- for Baseball Game

EOG Review Vocabulary Terms Part 3 for 5th grade- for Baseball Game

Essay Creation



Fact/Opinion (Aliens) - with 10 question Senteo quiz

Fact or Opinion - 10 question Senteo quiz

Fry Words 1-10

Halloween Vocabulary

Handwriting - Modeled from Handwriting Without Tears


I Read, I Think, Therefore...


Letter Recognition - Kooshball game

Letter Sounds Jeopardy

Lily's Plastic Purple Purse - with 5 question Senteo quiz 

Literary Analysis Jeopardy

Magic E - In this lesson, students practice saying words with short vowel sounds, then adding the magic e to the end of the word.  Then the students can practice saying the word with the long vowel sound after the magic e is added.  NC Objective: 1.041 Uses analogy of known words to identify unknown words

Main Idea

Main Idea - Whose Habitat Is It?

Metaphors and Similes - 10 question Senteo quiz

Non-Fiction Text - Students will explore types of non-fiction text. including true experience articles and schedules.  Includes a 6 question Senteo quiz

Nouns - Sorting Common and Proper nouns

Poems - 21 poems by different poets

Poetry - How to write

Poetry, Forms of - Students will explore narrative poems, lyrical poems, and cinquains

Point of View

Prefixes and their Meanings

Prefixes/Suffixes (un-, in-, re-/ -ion, -ment, -ful,)

Proverbs - 10 question Senteo quiz

Proverbs - Read each proverb and decide what it means. Discuss this as a group or with a partner.

Reading Passage - The Monster

Reading Passage - Outer Space

Reading Response - Read the story Where The Wild Things Are by, Maurice Sandek and model how to respond to questions.

Review - Kindergarten

Sequencing - Life cycle of a pumpkin

Sophie's Masterpiece - Here, you will get to listen to a story online.  You will use descriptive words and research why people are afraid of spiders. 

Suffixes and their Meanings

Synonyms and Antonyms - Building vocabulary with kids reading above first grade benchmark

Synonym and Antonyms - with 4 question Senteo quiz

Taking Notes

Vocabulary Jeopardy

Vowel Gameboard - 1st grade

What's the Sequence? - 10 question Senteo quiz

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