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Number Concepts

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Assessment - 1st grade, 2nd quarter, math assessment. 7 question Senteo quiz

Break Apart Numbers:  A Dozen Dogs

Counting by 2s, 5s, and 10s

Careful Counting

Comparing Numbers - Comparing 2 numbers using groups of 10

Counting 11-20

Counting Animals

Crayon Puzzles - with Senteo quiz

Dominoes - Number concepts to 6

Estimating, Comparing, and Ordering - Students will take a pre-assessment on estimating, comparing, and ordering numbers.  Senteo quiz

Fair Shares - 1.04 Solve problems using fair shares.

Use the objects to find out how they could be fairly shared. 

Greater than, Less than

How Many?

How Much Candy? - Students practice using grouping to count by fives and tens.

Hundred's Board Fun - Endless possiblilities with this interactive 100's board. 

Make it Fit - 2.01 b  Develop strategies to estimate size

You will need to estimate how many objects will fit inside of a shape.

Math Carnival

More, Less, or the Same

Numbers 1-20

Number Identification


Ordinal Numbers

Positional Words

Printing Numbers

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